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Is the appearance of your smile one of your top cosmetic concerns? Fortunately, Savannah Smiles Dental in Schertz, TX is able to help you tackle this concern with professional-strength teeth whitening. We use a product that has proven to be superior to most over-the-counter treatments currently available. Our whitening services, highly recommended by lead dentist Dr. Cassandra Garcia, can whiten your teeth by quite a few shades, helping you keep your stunning results for much longer than alternative options. We use professional-strength gels that actually do the job, reaching below the surface of the teeth to treat deep stains, as opposed to consumer-level options that only scrape the surface and provide a brighter color of yellow at best.

Pearly white teeth can help give you a brighter smile and a more confident glow. With professional teeth whitening administered by Dr. Garcia at Savannah Smiles Dental, a new smile is within reach. Additional benefits of teeth whitening at our Schertz, TX office include:

  • Teeth can become several shades whiter
  • Treating surface stains and severely discolored teeth
  • More effective than over-the-counter or retail whitening treatments
  • Safe for your teeth and gums
  • Treatments usually take less than an hour
  • No discomfort
  • Reliable and long-lasting results
  • You can have multiple treatments to maintain your results

Since our clinic provides a few treatments for effective and professional teeth whitening, the process selected for you will be determined after an appointment where your aesthetic goals and lifestyle are discussed and taken into consideration. In the majority of situations, your professional teeth whitening procedures will be carried out in our Schertz, TX office in under an hour through the use of a professional-strength whitening gel, along with the help of a light system that quickly cures and whitens the teeth several colors. Our at-home systems are equally efficient but might provide a more subtle outcome over a period of weeks and months.

The transition from retiring Dr Durnford to new ownership for Savanah Smiles Dental has been seamless and flawless from my perspective. New staff are friendly and absolutely professional. I don't particularly enjoy dental visits, but Dr Garcia put me at ease right away. She has an affable personality and she exudes confidence and professionalism. Robert, the dental tech who conducted my cleaning, was exceptional and we had a lot in common. It was like running into an old friend you haven't seen for awhile. He took care of my teeth and did a wonderful job. This is the place to come for your dental needs!

P.M. Demandforce

Christine was great and always makes a not so fun appointment feel not so bad! Appreciate her!

A.N. Demandforce

Dr Garcia and her staff were very kind , understanding, helped calm my nervousness , and resolved my problem. Dr Garcia also gave me a way to contact her if I had a problem. I am home and recovering well. Thank you so much !

S.F. Demandforce

Excellent Service! Christine is the Best and So is the Dentist!

D.T. Demandforce

Dr. Montemayor and her assistant were gentle, comforting, fun, and efficient in performing a dental cleaning and installing a filling.

B.E. Demandforce


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Teeth whitening can offer fast and dramatic improvements to your smile, and very possibly, your total appearance. In case you've been considering a teeth whitening regimen but are not certain whether over-the-counter or professional options are the best alternative, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garcia at Savannah Smiles Dental in Schertz, TX to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each method before you make your decision.

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Does teeth whitening hurt?
Professional teeth whitening should not hurt and is perfectly safe for your teeth and gums. Our professionals at Savannah Smiles Dental will make sure to select the best whitening approach for you and that your oral health is protected throughout the whitening process. Rest assured, we won't let you leave the office without a bright and beautiful smile!
How long does teeth whitening last?

The length of time your professional-grade whitening lasts depends on several factors, including how well you take care of your teeth and the type of meals and drinks you consume. Dr. Garcia can provide an estimate of how long your whitening treatment will last, but it's safe to say that professional whitening lasts much longer than over-the-counter kits.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

The cost of teeth whitening is dependent on the specific procedure and materials used. Our Schertz, TX administrative staff will be able to provide an accurate cost estimate after a consultation. We always strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible without compromising on quality and results.

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.