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Wisdom teeth are the final two teeth that commonly develop during the late teen years of a patient's life. Located in the rear corners of both arches, wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, frequently don't have enough room to grow effectively. Because of this, wisdom teeth usually require removal to ensure overall oral health. Third molars might also be impacted (trapped beneath the gum tissues or bone) or misaligned, causing several dental concerns. Dr. Cassandra Garcia offers wisdom teeth extractions for Schertz, TX patients to enhance oral health and protect against future dental problems. If you or someone in your family have aching or impacted wisdom teeth, schedule an exam at Savannah Smiles Dental to learn about your treatment options.

Wisdom teeth extractions in Schertz, TX at Savannah Smiles Dental provide both functional and aesthetic benefits, including:

  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Reduces risks of teeth crowding
  • Helps avoid damage to neighboring teeth
  • Minimizes risks for jaw issues, cysts, oral disease, tumors, and more
  • Offers sedation options to make the procedure more comfortable
  • Improves oral health

Are You a Candidate?

Generally, wisdom teeth removals are recommended for people who are between the ages of 17 – 25. Not all patients' wisdom teeth will automatically need removal; however, having impacted wisdom teeth in the mouth could cause further possible dental concerns in the future. Dr. Garcia will generally suggest wisdom teeth removal for adults and teens with:

  • Gum irritation (pericoronitis), cheek puffiness, or TMJ aches
  • Improper space for effective molar eruption
  • Totally or partially impacted third molars within the gum tissues or jaw
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Any development of a cyst in the jaw
  • Decay on the wisdom teeth or patients who have difficulty keeping the wisdom teeth plaque-free

Savannah Smiles Dental performs wisdom teeth extractions while our patients are under local anesthesia, but this procedure can also be combined with oral-conscious or IV sedation techniques to increase comfort. Most cases of wisdom teeth removal call for a surgical technique, like when the teeth are impacted, have bent roots, or are strongly situated in the jaw. When Dr. Garcia creates an incision in the gums to get to the tooth, she may split it into a few segments, which offers a streamlined removal. Depending on your unique situation, each of the wisdom teeth may be extracted during a single session. Sutures are usually applied afterward to protect the removal sites and encourage the healing process. You will then be given post-operative tips to follow over the next few days.

The transition from retiring Dr Durnford to new ownership for Savanah Smiles Dental has been seamless and flawless from my perspective. New staff are friendly and absolutely professional. I don't particularly enjoy dental visits, but Dr Garcia put me at ease right away. She has an affable personality and she exudes confidence and professionalism. Robert, the dental tech who conducted my cleaning, was exceptional and we had a lot in common. It was like running into an old friend you haven't seen for awhile. He took care of my teeth and did a wonderful job. This is the place to come for your dental needs!

P.M. Demandforce

Christine was great and always makes a not so fun appointment feel not so bad! Appreciate her!

A.N. Demandforce

Dr Garcia and her staff were very kind , understanding, helped calm my nervousness , and resolved my problem. Dr Garcia also gave me a way to contact her if I had a problem. I am home and recovering well. Thank you so much !

S.F. Demandforce

Excellent Service! Christine is the Best and So is the Dentist!

D.T. Demandforce

Dr. Montemayor and her assistant were gentle, comforting, fun, and efficient in performing a dental cleaning and installing a filling.

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What is Recovery Like Following Oral Surgery?

Those who receive more advanced types oforal or IV sedation to calm them during their session will need to bring a dependable adult to drive them home. During the first days after the procedure, it's vital to restrict spitting, sipping using a straw, choosing hot or cold foods and liquids, and to completely stop smoking and using e-cigs. These activities will generally displace the scabbing in your extraction site and lead to a condition referred to as "dry socket." It is not abnormal to have cheek puffiness and discomfort after wisdom teeth removals, which may be diminished with prescription or drugstore pain medication and cool packs held against the jaw area. We will give you tips to enable you to care for your mouth during recovery and set up a check-in appointment to assess your extraction sites while they recover.

Dr. Cassandra Garcia is thrilled to provide wisdom teeth extractions to ensure your family's long-term oral health. This effective oral procedure is performed for individuals in Schertz, TX and might be required if the tooth cannot come in evenly or other problems are detected. To hear more information about wisdom teeth removal, contact Savannah Smiles Dental to schedule an appointment today.

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Does wisdom tooth extraction hurt?
Most patients report feeling little to no discomfort when their wisdom teeth are removed. While you may experience some mild soreness afterward, this is usually managed with the use of over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs. Rest assured that Dr. Garcia will perform your wisdom tooth extraction as gently and efficiently as possible.
How do I prepare for wisdom tooth extraction?
Before your wisdom tooth extraction procedure, you will need to follow our pre-operative instructions closely. This may include avoiding certain medications or supplements before your scheduled appointment in Schertz, TX. Brush and floss your teeth as usual on the same day as your procedure so your mouth is clean during the extraction.
What foods should I avoid after my wisdom tooth extraction?
Because it's important to keep the wisdom tooth extraction sites clean, you should avoid eating any hard or chewy foods after your appointment at Savannah Smiles Dental. Stick to soft items and liquids as these will be easier on your mouth. Some suggested options include yogurt, mashed potatoes, pudding, applesauce, soup broth, and smoothies.
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